From the minds of children

My eye was drawn to this post over at Make it Stop. It points to some arse wibble about shotgun regulation, a subject of interest to me, so there I was clicking on all the "related story" links when I landed on this.

It's the Childrens BBC Newsround website, and the topic of the day is:

Should children be allowed to use guns?

You see, you can legally own a shotgun in England from ten years old. You can't use it unsupervised but you can be registered as a gun owner.

Pro gun advocates say this is a good way to introduce children to firearms in a controlled manner and teach them safety and respect.

The Anti gunists are obviously horrified at the thought of children handling firearms for a number of predictable reasons.

The CBBC site gives a bit of information on guns in watered down kid speak, and then goes on to ask the question about ownership and children.

So what do the kids think?
"I don't think children should be allowed to use shotguns because it might encourage them to shoot foxes and animals that are endangered."
Emma, 10, Rome, Italy

I totally agree. Foxes should only be hunted with dogs, and you should never shoot pandas or unicorns.

"I think its wrong to let children use guns because it encourages violence. Also shooting animals is wrong, they are not doing any harm, they deserve the right to live just like us."
Gemma, 13, London, England

Too right they do. That answer deserves a reward. Let's go to McDonalds.

"I love shooting. Lots of people hate it but they don't understand the sport."
Katie, 8, Northumberland, England

Police! She's only 8!

"No I don't think children should be allowed to use guns because it will encourage kids to shoot more things and that could lead to danger."
Rebecca, 12, Fife, Scotland

There's a job for life with ASH or Alcohol Concern for this one.

"Crikey, no way! I'm actually quite shocked at finding this out, if I was the Prime Minister, I'd definitely get rid of this law. Kids being allowed to use guns? It's horrendous."
Iris, 12, Bristol, England

It's actually frowned upon when adults pose as children on the web. Crikey!
"I think it is fine to shoot shotguns as long as there's an adult with you, it's great fun and it keeps us quiet."
Rhys, 14, Grantham, England

Yep. Quiet in an ear defenders kind of way.

"I think that children should not be allowed to use guns, and anyway, guns should not be used against wild animals, as eventually they could become extinct."
David, 11, Trafford, England

Too young to have heard the term, "Fucks like a bunny".

"What is wrong with kids using guns? There are other sports that are dangerous like Go-Karting, paint balling and so on, why don't they ban them?"
Jack, 12, Kent, England

JackofKent? Is that you?

"No I don't think children should be allowed to use guns, because they could use it for other uses."
Melanie, 14, Stirling and Falkirk, Scotland

I often use mine to unblock the sink.

"I think it is wrong that kids are allowed to use shotguns and kill animals like rabbits. My friend has a pet rabbit. They are cute, cuddly and make great pets. It is not fair! It might be fun (for some), but it is cruel."
Harry, 10, Glamorgan, Wales

Hey! Some of my best friends are rabbits.

"The gun is not dangerous, it is the person behind it. If the person is safe, so is the gun. If properly taught to shoot an animal, it is less traumatic for it than being dragged to a slaughterhouse for your burgers!"
Allan, 14, Fife, Scotland

Well said kid.


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