Go into hiding my friend

Police hunt have a go hero.

Man wrestles with gunman in Peterborough street

A "have a go hero" who wrestled with an armed thief fleeing the scene of a failed jewellery robbery is being sought by police.

Two men, one armed with a handgun, burst into Harvey Daly jewellers in Long Causeway in Peterborough on Friday morning.

A passer-by tried to stop one of the thieves from getting away.

Detectives said they "need to find him" as they search for the robbers and are appealing for him to come forward.

So why do the police want to find this man?

1) To shake his hand and give him a medal.

2) He may have information that will help with their investigation.

3) To arrest him for having the audacity to defend himself and others against a desperate criminal.

4) To arrest him for doing the polices job for them when they were nowhere to be seen, and making them look like twats.

5) To arrest him for touching a firearm.

6) To arrest him because they need some more DNA on the database and this looks like a good opportunity.

7) To arrest him just because they can.


And if they want to find him that badly, why did they.....

....blur his face in the picture?


1) The human rights of the criminal outweigh the human rights of the victim. Hence, our have a go hero (The criminal) has his rights protected by blurring his face, even though they want to find him, and the gunman (the innocent) doesn't.

2) They are thick as pig shit.

There wasn't really a point to this post, it was just a pop at the coppers. Ho hum.


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