When world war III enactions go wrong

PARENTS are calling for a headteacher to resign after he staged a 'World War Three' hoax on his pupils.

Mike Richards stunned youngsters at St Mary’s RC Primary School in Bacup when he showed them footage of the Blitz and told them London was being bombed.

The children, some as young as five, were also told they would have to take in 'child evacuees' as they were led by their class teachers to a ground floor room designed to look like an air raid shelter.

Well. What to say about that? There's bringing history to life and there's scaring the crap out of a bunch of primary school children. In a way, I like them both.

As the children hid, bombs in the form of fireworks were let off in the playground, reducing many to tears.

Jeez! I wonder how many doses of Ritalin it will take to deal with this one?

Some children have been left ‘traumatised’, afraid to sleep and two children were too scared to go back to school, parents said.

Mum-of-five Ann Waine, 27, of Pennine Road, Bacup said: “This has really upset my kids. Their dad is about to go back to Afghanistan on his second tour of duty.

Mum of five at 27? Rather her than me. I don't want to assume, but I wonder if she gets any taxpayer help for that litter? Did she give birth in a hospital or in a box under the stairs?
Mum-of-three Amanda Watson, 29, from Bacup, said: My daughter was reduced to tears. Every time a plane goes over now my children think they are going to be bombed.”

Every time a plane goes over? What is she doing? Constantly looking up at the contrails?

Julie McCabe, 35, of Pennine Road, Bacup, said: “My nephew has been really traumatised by it all. He went into school the next day and he completely freaked out when the school mentioned their trip to Towneley Park Memorial Garden. His mum is having to keep him off school.”

Her husband Michael added: “My eldest wasn’t really too upset about the hoax but one of our friends is having to give sedatives to her son to get him to sleep. This is more than bringing history to life.”

Just a minute. Is it really all that bad, or are we seeing a typical, post Labour reaction? What do the other parents say?
Shelley Harris, 26, from Bacup, said: “I think it was a really good idea to try and bring history to life. It will definitely help the children to learn the topic. I really don’t think its caused too much harm.”

So not all bad then. Anyone else?

Mum-of-three Suzanne Bailey added: “Its much better than when I was at school, it was a good idea. It's just a difficult subject.”

Cool. You know who I would like to hear from? Somebody who wasn't educated under New Labour:

County Councillor Susie Charles, (Ed. Conservative) Cabinet Member for Children and Schools, said: [_]

"Any action would be a matter for the school's governing body, but I can only hope that parents will keep a sense of proportion and that common sense prevails."

Yeah. Good luck with that.


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