How to spot a peado online? There's an app for that.

Researchers launch mobile device 'to spot paedophiles'

A mobile phone application which claims to identify adults posing as children is to be released.

The team behind Child Defence says the app can analyse language to generate an age profile, identifying potential paedophiles.

So paedomania marches on relentless. See the language there? Potential paedophiles? I wonder what happens when these potential paedophiles are identified?

Child campaigning charity NSPCC hopes the application will encourage children to report the crime - but warned of complacency.

Warns of complacency? I would warn of the potential issues that would come from reporting people to the police, just because some phone application tells you they may be a paedo.

Imagine your child is chatting on the internet and this app picks him up as a maybe. The police could come through your door, seize your computer and arrest you on suspicion of grooming some nipper. Well they're not going to arrest your kid are they. Neither are they going to believe you when you try to blame the whole thing on your kid. They are more likely to have your own children put into care to protect them from you.

Chris Cloke, head of child protection said: "It can lull us into thinking that the child is safe and therefore we can move onto something else.

Notice the language there, too? Once they have achieved their objective and made kids safe, they have to move onto something else.

I think you should have given up and got yourself a hobby a long time ago.

Figures suggest about 1,500 children were groomed on the net last year.

16.5 million homes in England have internet access. Why do we keep chasing the drop in the ocean in some kind or crusade against anything bad ever happening?

And what does "grooming" mean anyway? How many of these 1500 children were actually in any danger?


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