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Parent officer appointed to Engage team

PARENTS of children who are being groomed for sexual exploitation are receiving specialist help from the first parent officer in the country.
Lindsay Dalton, from the Coalition for the Removal of Pimping, or CROP, (Ed. Bwahahahahahahahaha!) works within the Engage team to specifically target parents.
She said one of the challenges was often getting parents to recognise signs and direct their anger at the groomer rather than their child which causes family breakdowns.
Lindsay, in her parent officer role has worked on 90 cases and currently has 25 active cases where she is offering low to high level support to families.

Engage is a multi-agency initiative to safeguard vulnerable youngsters in East Lancashire.

Voluntary organisation CROP teamed up with Operation Engage team as it works to end the sexual exploitation of children and young people by pimps and traffickers.
Vulnerable parents are helped by the group once a referral has been made to the Engage team.
Lindsay said: “There are a lot of issues in Blackburn around children being exploited but there was nothing in place for parents in the safeguarding process.
“Sexual exploitation crosses all economic boundaries but a lot of children come from disadvantage backgrounds.
“The group sessions show other parents that sexual exploitation affects all spectrums of classes."

How many did you get? And you thought there was no money left. Parent officer indeed.


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