You will have a bus lane and you will like it (Weather you like it or not)

A couple of years ago, our local council decided they wanted to spend fifty million pounds on a bus lane connecting Darwen, Blackburn and Hyndburn, along with improved bus stations.

No one wanted it and very soon there was a huge campaign to have it scrapped. A lot of the route has houses and the roads are too narrow for another lane so the parking would have been sacrificed. That would have also made things difficult for local businesses on the route. Not to mention the silly cost.

After a while, most of the homes and businesses along the proposed route were displaying "No bus lane" signs in their windows.

The councils response? A public consultation. Can you guess what the results of the consultation were? That's correct. The public overwhelmingly support the scheme. Liars.

Anyway, after the ConDems took power, they told the council the scrap the scheme because the money was not going to be made available. The screeching and whining from our local councillors was deafening for a while but eventually they accepted defeat.

Or so we thought. Now it seems the scheme is back.

This time it's the same old tosh, just without the bus lane.
County council transport chief Coun Tim Ashton said: “The Government have come to us and said they will support the scheme but not for quite as much money as before.

“Why would we say no to that?”

Why? Because no bugger wants it and because it's your duty NOT to waste taxpayers money on rubbish and unnecessary schemes. That's why!

The scheme may now be worth £40 million, £10million less than before, said Coun Ashton.


The country is broke, you are laying off workers and you still desperately want to spend forty million quid of our money, re-vamping perfectly good bus stations, just because you don't like to be told NO by the public?

He said: “I don’t understand why people would not want it to happen. Lancashire County Council still wants it to happen.”
You may be so stupid that you don't understand why people don't want it, but that's ok. You do not need to understand why people don't want it, all you need to do is get it through your thick skull that they don't and leave the idea alone.

It's time we got rid of all these people. They simply are not needed.


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