Offended by Secret Santa (Non story of the season)

Bored journalists will report owt!

Blackburn head teacher gave x-rated present

A HEADMISTRESS shocked staff by giving out x-rated ‘secret santa’ gifts at a Christmas party.

Sally Fenton, head of Audley Community Infant School in Blackburn, gave out the cheeky adult toys as presents as the school broke up for the holidays.

Oh my god, do we stoop to new lows. I can't decide if this is a new low in journalism, a new low in offence seeking behavior or a bit of both.
She "shocked staff" by giving our "x-rated" presents? The article does not say what presents she gave out, however, a colleague of mine refused to do secret Santa at our works this year because last year she got, "a playgirl calendar and a chocolate cock". She opted out this year but at least she didn't write to the newspapers.

“It was a secret Santa and there may have been people who took slight offence to some of the presents.
And that statement was dignified by giving it space in a newspaper?

According to reports in a national newspaper, the head ‘misread the mood’ and had meant her gifts to be ‘amusing novelties’. She is said to have apologised to anyone who was offended.

And a national newspaper too?

She apologised to anyone who was offended?

""Sorry about the chocolate cock. Hi, sorry about the cock. Good morning Mavis, please accept my apology for the willy calendar and the novelty penis."" Etc.

The article has been given the abuse it richly deserves in the comments.


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