What do you call 400 council workers on redundancy notice?

A start.

400 Blackburn with Darwen workers on redundancy notices

MORE than 400 Blackburn with Darwen Council staff have been put on notice of redundancy today after 'brutal' Government cuts.

Council leader Kate Hollern said they had been 'lied to' over the scale of its budget reductions by ministers.

I had something to say about that but John in the comments beat me to it:

john the boss, great harwood says...
6:30pm Thu 16 Dec 10
awwwwwwww council leader kate hollern has been lied to ,now you know how joe public has felt for the last 13 years , not nice is it .
Earlier this week the ruling coalition announced the council was facing a 8.9 per cent cut by March year totalling £18million.
But bosses have discovered the true total is 22 per cent, meaning an extra £10million needs to be saved, due to other reductions, such as grants, not being included in the figure.
Chief executive Graham Burgess said the 'brutal' total was a 'tragic double whammy for one of the most deprived areas in England'.

I fail to see why they keep calling us one of the most deprived areas in England. It makes us sound like we're all living in council houses and eating jam butties. It's really not all that bad. There may be a lot of unemployed but most of them are there because they want to be. There are jobs available. My company has just taken on nearly fifty temporary workers and they are almost all Polish.

It may be that people on benefits get more money than we can pay them to work. If that's the case then it's the governments fault we are "deprived" because they are trapping people in the cycle of benefits.

I have worked in pubs in the area and met plenty people on disability because they have alcohol problems, plus many others who are quite capable of spending their benefits down the pub every day but do not work.

In the new year a review of services that the council is not legally obliged to provide will begin.
It is feared that a total of 1,000 roles could eventually be cut.
 I wonder what they will do about the services they are not legally obliged to provide? Will they scrap them or charge for them? If they are worthy and wanted services, they could actually make some money to ease the council tax burden for us "deprived" people. I don't see that happening though.

I want to say I'm sorry that these people have lost their jobs. Is it their fault they have had it so good for so long and now they have been told they will loose their jobs just before Christmas?

The article does not mention what any of these people do. If any of them are anything to do with diversity and inclusion,or if any of them are responsible for giving out fines for picky little issues, then I can safely say I have no sympathy.

If any of them read this post, there are still packing jobs going at my place. Leave your email in the comments.....


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