Savings equals whopping pay rise.

Pay row as new Lancashire County Council chief appointed


A SENIOR county council boss has been promoted to the role of chief executive - with a £65,000 pay rise.
Phil Halsall’s £195,000 wage is the same level as outgoing boss Ged Fitzgerald, who is moving to Liverpool City Council.
The appointment, which was not advertised, has drawn criticism from a Government minister, while unions branded the salary ‘sickening’ amid warnings of widespread job losses.
As austerity measures go, that one takes the cake. His salary is now more than double the total value of my mortgage. There can be no excuse for that, outside the private sector, whatsoever.

However, bosses said they were saving a total of £148,000 a year - when wage and other costs were taken into account - by abolishing Mr Halsall’s current job title, executive director of resources.
That's no reason. Just because you're saving a bit elsewhere, doesn't mean you can justify paying this dweeb 195k of public money every year.

Finance director Gill Kilpatrick is being given a pay rise of £15,000 - up to around £90,000 - because she is taking on extra responsibilities as part of the shake-up. 
 Even that's more than most private sector workers get paid in a year. What extra responsibilities is she taking on to justify 15 grand extra. And it begs the question, what has she been doing so far if she can take on so much?

County Hall is currently trying to find savings of £180million as it faces losing up to a quarter of its total budget.
Thousands of jobs are said to be at risk.
The coalition Government has pledged to cut down on high salaries in local government.
Great job guys......


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