Daftest healthcare "savings" claim yet.

NHS East Lancashire paid £100k to PR firm

Why? They're trying to save lives of course.

A million years of life to be precise.
MORE than £100,000 was paid to a public relations giant as part of a campaign to improve the health of East Lancashire residents.
The campaign to Save a Million Years of Life (SMYL) was run by NHS East Lancashire.
Last month the trust admitted the target of a million years – an average of 2.6 for every man, woman and child in the health trust area – would be missed.
Yep. They believe they can actually quantify this junk. But it gets better:

It had only managed to save around 300,000 years, it said, claiming it was now an ‘aspiration’.
They have saved 300,000 years of life. Well bugger me with a slippery eel.

“The SMYL campaign is estimated to have added one year of life, on average, to each of its 382,000 residents so far. “The benefits of the campaign, however, go far beyond the one year of life saved. “The campaign has become a recognised brand for East Lancashire, and an aspiration for the community to live a healthier life, not just a longer life.”
Thanks very much guys. What am I going to do with my year? Whats that? I don't get one because I'm still a filthy smoker? Can I have my 30p back then?