Anti-smoking Kangaroo watch. National Youth Work Week.

It seems Steparoo the stroppy, anti-smoking kangaroo has not been shot and turned into steaks yet.

She has recently been seen hectoring the good people of Barrow as part of National Youth Work Week.

I'm not sure what youth work week is all about. I couldn't be bothered reading the waffle at their website. It's something about vulnerable something and they're worrying that they may loose funding. Oh well, back to the Kangaroo. What's she been up to?

It was great being asked to help celebrate National Youth Work week in Barrow in Furness, Cumbria. Me and Lil’ Roo made an appearance at the Forum 28 where over 200 young people came together to celebrate the things that they do in their communities –
(Graffiti, keying cars, mugging old ladies....)
all of these young people give generously of their time to take part in various activities and promote healthy living.
(Oh, I'm sorry. Hectoring, being righteous, mugging old ladies.....)

Which is where I come in, young people deliver the no smoking message through peer education workshops and so I went along to give some extra help in promoting the 7 Steps out. The people of Barrow are a friendly lot and Lil’ Roo and I got lots of hugs from the little folk (and some not so little) of Barrow.

If there's one thing I can't stand, it children "spreading the message" to adults. What do they know anyway? Only what other adults tell them. It's manipulation of the worst kind.

So, well done young people for working so hard to let people know about the 7 Steps out and if you ever want me to come again then I’ll hop over and give you a hand.
 Hop my way if you please. I would love some kangaroo steaks, with a glass of red, followed by a big cigar.

Look at these guys:

In, out, shake! you're getting it all wrong!


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