What a day for justice

On the one day of the week I've been far too busy to get involved in blogging, this happens!

Sgt Mark Andrews has been cleared on appeal.

A Wiltshire policeman convicted of assaulting a woman in custody has been cleared on appeal.

Sgt Mark Andrews, of Wiltshire Police, was filmed dragging Pamela Somerville through Melksham police station in July 2008.
The officer was found guilty of causing her actual bodily harm and jailed for six months in September.
Sgt Andrews spent six days in prison, but was released on bail pending the appeal at Oxford Crown Court.
The appeal judge, Mr Justice Bean, said after the four-day hearing he was satisfied that Sgt Andrews did not intend to throw Ms Somerville into the cell and that injuries she suffered "were probably caused by her falling to the floor after letting go of the door frame".
I've seen a lot of reactions to court cases where folk believe someone should have been convicted when they weren't, or that they should have had much stiffer sentences. I often say, we don't know all the facts, we weren't at the trial, we didn't hear all the evidence, etc.

But in cases such as this:

how can there be any doubt?

Even if she was being a tit, even if she was resisting there is no justification for what that copper did.
He should be sacked at the very least. Even if he wasn't sent to prison, he should have been convicted of assault, just like you or I would have been.

This bellend is singing the guys praises.

It seems that their Lords and Lady Justices know something the handwringers do not. They know that things are not always as they first seem. They know that action causes reaction. They understand the definition of ‘intent’ and finally, they know who stands on the wall.
There are three excellent consequences to this decision. First, Andrews is exonerated. Second, the handwringers will go absolutely orbital, which will be fun to see and finally, Wiltshire ACPO have been shown to be more interested in public image than truthful reality. Remember, unlike the rest of us, they will have been privvy to the whole CCTV tape and the defence argument.
 Things are not always as they first seem? The CCTV evidence? The holy grail of modern crime detection? What about the first trial, where all the evidence was made available and he got convicted and sentenced to six months in prison. All that is not how it first seemed. Give me fucking strength.

Action causes reaction? Is this how a copper justifies a violent assault. She was being a dick guv, so I caved her 'ead in.
When action causes reaction in the real world, say down the pub, it's generally followed by assault causes incarceration. One rule for us eh?

So why did she actually end up in custody?

She was arrested after being found asleep in her car, and had been detained for failing to provide a sample for a breath test.
She denied any wrongdoing and the charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence.
I think I would be a little cranky if some jumped up fucker in a pair of jackboots decided it was illegal to sleep in my car.
The charges were even dropped through lack of evidence, yet some of the pillocks on Inspector Gadgets cockwaffle post are whacking on about how she was "drink driving" and "tanked up on vodka", all not true.

Give a man with a small dick a set of shiny buttons........

I would like to say I have no more respect for the police. Unfortunately the last ounce of respect I did have, disappeared about four years ago. (Read the comments)

They don't need the public any more though:

Taff Taff
Jumbo, if we’ve lost people like you I’m sure that we will be just fine. You might be a law abiding member of the public but that doesn’t stop you from being a complete fucking twat. If you don’t like it go and live in France/Germany/Spain etc and see how you get on with the police there.
They hold us in the same contempt I have for them. If we don't like it we should move to a country where the coppers are a bit worse.


(Sorry for the sweary. This one really pulled on my pisser)


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