Engage Tractor Beam!

Clampdown on speeding tractors

Speeding tractors? Ha, ha, ha ,ha, ha ,ha ooh jeez.

SPEEDING tractor drivers are proving a menace in rural villages near Colne. Police have promised extra patrols to watch out for farm vehicles in Laneshawbridge and Trawden speeding, often in the early hours of the morning.

*giggle* A quick Google search puts the top speed of a tractor at about 30mph with some as low as 18-20mph.
Somehow I think this is another example of excess police officers who need to be made redundant and given packing jobs in a fish factory.

Villagers fear the tractors, which have been spotted dashing along the 30mph Emmott Lane, could cause an accident involving pupils from Laneshawbridge Primary School.

Coun George Askew, who represents Boulsworth ward which covers Laneshawbridge, said he had received a number of complaints about the Emmott Lane problem.
He added: “The drivers of these tractors need to remember that there is a school on the road and they should to be more careful.
My emphasis on that passage because I have just realised what this is: A "think of the chiiiiildren" story.
Well in the case you need to pull out all the stops and bring these "speeding" tractor pilots to justice.

You may need this:

Sorry. I made myself laugh then. Just gis a minute.

“The tractors have been coming down Rock Lane in Trawden, where I live, tearing branches off trees.

“It tends to be younger lads who are driving the tractors, there is no doubt about it, and it is a concern.''
Oh please. Boy tractor racers. What has the yoof of today come to.

What a laugh. I'm off for a smoke.

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