All the crimes have been solved........

.......which leaves the police free to investigate this:

Police probe bottle thrown at Blackburn Rovers star

 GREATER Manchester Police has revealed it has launched an investigation after a plastic bottle was thrown towards Rovers midfield player El-Hadji Diouf.

The incident happened as he was leaving the field following the match between Manchester City and Blackburn.
Police confirmed they were looking into the incident.
Diouf, who was celebrating Rovers 1-1 draw at Eastlands, wasn’t hit and there were no reports of any injuries.
The bottle has been seized by police and an investigation is under way.
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So what is the big thing in the news at the moment? Inaccurately thrown bottle incidents or budget cuts?
The ACPO are bleating on about the fabric of society dissolving if they have to lay off a few PCSO's. Obviously they must be correct. Who will be left to investigate badly lobbed bottles at football matches after the devastating redundancies?

I assume this investigation is going to involve the "seized" bottle being DNA tested at a very expensive lab. They will then find the perps DNA is on file because he once got arrested without charge for popping a Robinsons carton.
The perp will be brought before the courts and issued with a football banning order for racist abuse. El-Hadji Diouf doesn't sound English to me, so hurling a plastic bottle in his general direction must be a highly serious, racially offensive incident.
The banning order will be appealed and the appeal rejected, all at an enormous cast to the tax payer.

Well done Gt Manchester police. I hope you all get made redundant and have to take on packing jobs in a fish factory.