Act now! The heatwaves are coming.

Climate change advisers urge UK to prepare for change

Is that "Change we can beleive in" or "Change that's fair for all" or "Change that works for you" or "Vote for Change" or "Spare some change?" or ........

The UK needs to prepare itself quickly to deal with the impacts of climate change, government advisers warn.
Ok. What impacts would these be then?
The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says climate effects are already being felt in the UK in the form of higher temperatures and changing seasons.
Higher temperatures? You could have fucking fooled me! It's freezing out there. Summer lasted for two weeks in June then the temperature dropped and it started raining. As far as I am aware, the rain hasn't stopped yet and it's now September. All we can expect now is even lower temperatures and snow. Someone is trying to justify their own existence a teeny bit, methinks.

Using land more sensibly, adapting buildings and planning for emergencies are areas where it recommends action.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman describes the CCC's adaptation report as "a wake-up call".

"There is no part of our society which is immune from the effects of climate change," she is due to say in a speech on Thursday.
There certainly is no part of our society that is immune from interfering busybodies with their hands in the public purse. That's for damn sure.

Extreme weather

This is the first time the CCC has looked into how homes, businesses and authorities should be changing in order to deal with climate impacts.

Previously it has concerned itself with issues such as the country's greenhouse gas emissions and energy supply.

But a degree of adaptation is vital, it concludes, because even the most drastic cuts in emissions cannot prevent some impacts.
Can you spot the subtle change of pace here? Previously we have been badgered with the likes of CO2 emissions and carbon footprints. New and interesting ways of generating revenue through forcing people to change their ways and prevent the fantasy of man made global warming.

It was discussed in Nigel Lawsons book "an appeal to reason" that if climate change were a fact, it would be more beneficial to humans to adapt rather than try to prevent it as such measures would put us back in the stone age. The earths climate has never been stable. I don't believe the actions of humans are causing the planet to warm, however if some point in the future, the natural cycle of the planet did cause significant warming, we would be unable to stop it and would be forced to adapt. Something that we could easily do.

It does appear that people are waking up to the myth of AGW. I don't personally know anyone who believes in it. Even my boss, the die hard socialist vegan does not believe humans are causing climate change.

Maybe the climate committee is doing its own version of adaptation. Maybe they are making sure they can survive the wholesale human dismissal of AGW. Maybe they are moving from badgering us about carbon footprints to.....

You know. I have no idea where I am going with this.

Here's some more from The Article

The UK's average temperature has already risen by 1C since the 1970s.
Oh FFS! That means by the year 2410, our average temperature will be the same as Greece.
The CCC uses projections from computer models of climate change to forecast a higher incidence of extreme weather events such as floods, heatwaves and droughts.
We all know how accurate computer models are but you don't need a computer model to say, "Heatwaves? What fucking heatwaves? It's still freezing out there.

"The UK must start acting now to prepare for climate change," said Lord Krebs, chairman of the CCC's adaptation sub-committee.
Yes because by the year 2410 etc.....
"It is not necessarily about spending more, but about spending smart and investing to save. If we get it right, we can save money in the short term and avoid large extra costs in the future."
I'm sorry, WTF?

"Making our buildings and infrastructure more resilient to a changing climate can help cut emissions too," he noted.
Do tell?

Hospitals and care homes must be able to keep cool during heatwaves.
Extra air-con? To cut emissions? Mm kay....

The report is not completely full of danger signs, however, arguing that another aspect of adaptation is making sure people and businesses are prepared for new opportunities that are projected to arise.

Warmer temperatures mean the chance to grow fruits such as apricots, while wine production could spread.
Global warming is good for wine production. Excellent. That should mean the cost of wine will go down? But wait a minute.......