Right to protest?

So according to Iain Dales open letter to Boris Johnson, its time to clear the protestors out of Parliament Square. And he's had quite a reaction. Particulary, and quite rightly, from those libertarians who believe in the right to peaceful protest.

However, about this particular protest, I must say that I have to agree with him. Maybe not quite for the same reasons.

I'm all for peaceful protest where necessary but should there be a point where you draw the line? A protest should be taken with a view to a resolution at the end. You protest to get attention, you discuss, you make consesssions on both sides, you agree, you walk away. I admit that is a simplistic view but it should be the one held by protestors before the action begins. They should have an end in sight. If you cant reach an agreement then by all means continue the protest, but with a view to an eventual resolution.

But what happens if there is no possibility of an agreement. What if the protestors want something that does not exist? What if they want change that cannot be made? What if they want rain to be made dry or the sun to be made 20% dimmer?

Apparently some of these happy campers are protesting against climate change. They firmly believe that humans are causing climate change and they want humans to stop it. To me, that is asking the impossible. You cant talk to them and you cant reach an agreement. That means that they stay where they are, until they are (maybe forcibly) moved on.

Thats why I think it may now be the time to move them on. I dont mean arrest them, detain them and take thier DNA, just move them on.
And it doesn't need to be done in an underhanded manner, quoting building regulations or anti terrorism laws. It just needs someone to walk up to them and say,
"Look folk, there is no global fuck off.