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Blackburn police officer delivers baby

A POLICE officer turned midwife for a day when he delivered a baby outside Royal Blackburn Hospital.

PC Simon Grounds, 24, who was at the hospital on another matter, came across the expectant mother and her partner in the car park early on Saturday.

The woman, who was in the late stages of labour, had arrived at the hospital with her partner in a taxi. He called the officer for help before rushing off to contact the midwifery team to say she would not be able to make it into the maternity ward in time.

I wonder if they charged her five quid for a missed appointment

PC Grounds said: “I was walking out of the main building when I saw the man shouting that his girlfriend was having a baby.

“I immediately ran over to the woman who was knelt down on the road and was shouting for help. I tried to reassure her and asked her to stay calm because help was on its way, but she shouted the baby was coming. As I went around the back of her, I actually caught the baby as it came out.

Good catch. I bet it was slippery as well.

“I managed to free the umbilical cord which was wrapped around the baby girl’s neck and she started moving and crying. Fortunately nurses and midwives arrived seconds later and took over.”

The officer, who is a father of one and lives in St Helens, said it was a frightening but incredible experience to have been involved in an emergency birth.

“It all happened so quickly. I’m just thankful the midwives at the hospital were nearby.”

The mother and her new baby girl are said to be doing well.

See. They don't all cry "Health and Safety" and run off in the other direction. He didn't even do a risk assessment.


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