I'd like to invite you all to a little gathering

Did any of you used to read Frank Davis's blog?
It's still linked on my sidebar, but unfortunately Frank passed away a few years ago. He created his blog in 2007 with the specific purpose of complaining about the smoking ban. Ten years later, he created something a little more imaginative than your average blog; The Smoky Drinky bar

The Smoky Drinky bar is hosted in an online video chat service called Whereby (A bit like Teams or Zoom but better). For the past seven years, many different people have been visiting the SDB for a chat. Over time, some of the regulars have dropped by the wayside, others have sadly passed on, and some visited but decided video chatting was not for them. Now there is a hardcode group of regulars who meet up on most Saturdays at 10:00pm

We started out moaning about the smoking ban, which was the original purpose of Frank getting us all together, but now we just chew on whatever fat is brought in during the evening
We still talk smoking bans, we talk general politics and we also just talk about what have you, from holidays to cars, to the time we were all comparing mops. We generally just set the world to rights

There are some attendees from England (including myself), who are generally drunk by 10:00pm, some from America who are just starting their first beers, and some from New Zealand who have just dragged themselves out of bed and are on their first coffee

This Saturday, it will be the seventh anniversary of the Smoky Drinky Bar, so we're having a little get together. It would be great to see some new faces if anyone fancies it

You can access the SDB by clicking this link:
You don't need an account and you can enter you name as anything you like, if you want to remain annonymous, although we never record anything and there's no kind of tracking or anything like that
You will be prompted to give your browser access to your mic and video, so just click yes. If you are using a device with built in speakers, it's often better to listen through headphones to avoid feedback
The room is always open, so you can log in at any time to test your equipment if you want
So that's 10:00pm tomorrow night (If you can't make it tomorrow, we're there most Saturdays)


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