And we all know why this is...

Black people in Lancashire more than twice as likely to experience forceful policing as white people
It's because bllack people are more likely to resist arrest and require restraint, right?
The Race Equality Foundation said the data exposes "systemic racism and bias in policing that demands immediate action", and called for scrutiny of racial profiling and unfair police practices.
Not if you're the Race Grifting Foundation. So what is this data that 'suggests' Lancashire coppers are a bunch of raving racist knobs?
Home Office figures show Lancashire Constabulary used forceful tactics, including restraint, using a conducted energy device, such as a Taser, or other equipment 495 times against black people and 22,235 times against white people in the year to March.
Doesn't seem that bad to me?
Census figures from 2021 estimate 10,096 black people and 1,325,538 white people live in the Lancashire area.
It means police used a forceful approach approximately 49 times per 1,000 black people, compared to just 17 per 1,000 white people, suggesting black people were 2.9 times more likely to experience such tactics.
But why? Were black people 2.9 times more likely to kick off with the coppers than white people? Have the Race Grifters Foundation managed to find any instances of use of force, that were not proportionate and justified? If so, they make no mention of it. If all the uses were justified, then the only conclusion can be that more black crims deserved it than white ones

And I would dispute those figures. By encompassing the whole of Lancashire, you include vast rural areas that contain little or no black people, thereby inflating the number of white people. While most of the 10k black people live in the centre of Blackburn and Burnley

The figures should actually be, the number of people who had force used against them, out of the number of people who were arrested, not the number of people in the entire county, criminal or law abiding alike. This is just blatant fiddling
The National Police Chiefs Council said it remains committed to the Police Race Action Plan, which aims to build "an inclusive, anti-racist organisation" and address black people's negative policing experiences.
The more this nonsense is tolerated and responded to with meaningless appeasing gibberish, the worst it will get. That statement really should have read:
The national police Chiefs Council collectively rolled it's eyes and said, "Oh do fuck off".
If only
Jabeer Butt, chief executive of the Race Equality Foundation, said the higher prevalence of forceful policing against black people is "incredibly troubling".
It is incredibly troubling. Why are black criminals so much more violent that their white counterparts?
We have to scrutinise why black people face higher rates of police encounters and use of force.
And I suppose that requires taxpayer funding? But the rest of us all know the answer, no funding required

Stop resisting arrest. Or even better, stop comitting the damn crimes in the first place