Broken Record

Anyone who uses Windows 10 will know about the little weather notification on the bottom right corner. Throughout this 'summer', I've noticed the little icon very often says, 'Near Record', almost on a daily basis

I'm tapping away this morning and notice it says this again

Well one thing is certian today. It's bloody freezing. I mean freezing your bollocks off, freezing

I've always ignored the 'Near Record' icon, as I've always believed it's just another little nudge towards getting us to believe in Global Boiling. It's bollocks anyway. Near record only means that the temperature has been higher in the past

Considering I've almost froze me knackers off going outside twice this morning, I wondered if today it actually means near record low temperature, so I clicked through, for lack of anything more interesting to do

Todays temperature is

Trust me, it feels a lot colder
Fortunately, Microsoft has a little tool where you can fact check their 'Record' assertions yourself

So todays temperature is exactly in the centre of the high and low average, three degrees either way. Exactly in the centre. Todays temperature couldn't be, more average. And it's eight degrees lower than the record high and 11 degrees hotter than the record low

And do you notice how the record low was recorded twenty years after the record high? I thought temperatures were supposed to be going up?

Anyway, I think the little icon thingy knows I'm on to it. It's just changed

Another seven degrees and it might be a pleasant day


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