Free Speech Abolitionist

This is an article from the Guardian that popped up in my Microsoft News feed

It's typical Guardian divvel about how Twitter has been taken over by fascicts since it was bought by Elon Musk. It couldn't be further from the truth, and it's main grift is to promote any right of centre viewpoint being censored, in order to prevent any scruitiny of the left

The article isn't worth reading, let alone discussing, but what caught my attention was the absence of something in the image above

Sussed it?
The comments button

I suppose it's only to be expected, when someone calls free speech a dangerous fantasy, they certainly wouldn't be up for people providing their own opinion on that

I'm not sure who decides if comments can be on in Microsoft News; the individual newspapers or Microsoft
I know that Microsoft do censor the comments when people are allowed to make them. I tried to comment on an article about Nicola Sturgeon the other day, and no matter how I tried to word it, I just kept getting, "This comment does not comply with our communitity standards"

I forget now what swear word I was trying to call the delusional old bag


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