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Railing on entitled fat whaps

Our protagonist in this story is an 18 stone woman who booked a personal shopper at House of Fraser, for her birthday. She's also a woman who expects reality to conform to her views and complains to the papers when it doesn't

People like her are the reason people like me write

Our villain is the ever suffering personal shopper at House of Fraser, who has to help fat people try on underwear, for minimum wage

And our story starts a little something like this:
Woman left in floods of tears after being 'fat shamed' by personal shopper at House of Fraser

Two things there that didn't happen. She wasn't fat shamed and she wasn't in floods of tears, she just got the compo face on and ran to the papers
A woman says she was left humiliated after being 'fat shamed' by a personal shopper at a department store in Manchester.
Ronnie, 44, had booked in for a wardrobe refresh at House of Fraser on Deansgate for her birthday on Tuesday, but was left in floods of tears after being contacted the day before.
Ronnie, who wears a size 18, said the email made her feel ashamed of her body image and said the response from the store had 'completely ruined' her birthday.
Ronnie, who had earmarked two hours of her birthday to attend the appointment with her partner, branded the email "unprofessional" and said she's been left "upset" and "disappointed."
"I was in floods of tears yesterday when I received that email," she said. "It completely ruined my birthday as I had planned my whole day round that experience.
"The email just left me feeling fat shamed
Over the top much? Well let's proceed to the defence, and find out. What did the email say?
In the email, the personal shopper said: "I need to start by apologising for the short notice, but I think it's best if we postpone your appointment for a wardrobe refresh, until we have a better selection of stock to shop.

"From your responses I can see that you are looking for pieces in the fuller figure size range, and sadly in store, we currently have little or no stock beyond a size 14.

"It would be of little benefit to you to go through the process at the moment, because you would probably go home empty handed!"
Professional, caring, apologetic

There's nothing in that email that would offend a rational person, but if you're an entitled, self loating person who cannot admit they have a problem, then by all means, turn on the waterworks
"The email just left me feeling fat shamed. I think it's shocking that a shop that size doesn't cater for women with a broad range of body shapes."
Shops are buninesses and can cater for who they bloody well like, but even the reasons for not being able to obtain over sized stock were explained to her
"I just don't want anyone else to experience what I have. Nobody should be made to feel the way I was, especially on my birthday. I definitely won't be going back there.

"The humiliation was the main thing for me. I just don't think it's fair. The average woman's size is between 16 and 18 so if they can't cater for that something is seriously wrong."

Oh FFS! It's my opinion that people like this should be fat shamed good and often, until they are so ashamed of their body type, they actually do something about it 

After complaining about the response she received from personal shopping, Ronnie said she received an apologetic email from a manager offering her free coffee and cake.
Oh, that's all she needs

More cake...


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