Do they even know why they are angry anymore?

There's a lot of anger about. I'm now of the opinion that the left are simply angry for the sake of being angry

When the Tories brought in an increase in National insurance, they were angry because it takes money of of the pockets of the poorest in society
When the Tories reversed the National insurance rise, they were angry because it only saved the poor 60 odd pence

After the mini-budget, they've been positively apoplectic, primarily because the wrong people benefit from it the most. The left would be happy if everyone had to pay eye-watering taxes, as long as it gets 'the rich'. 

I would prefer to think that if a tax cut benefits the rich more, at least it benefits the poor some

And now our (Ex) local MP has gone on the record with a quite sensible opinion that is always going to get the veins popping in lefties everywhere. That opinion being, if you don't have enough money, cut back on spending or get a better job
Anger as Tory chairman says Brits who can't afford bills can cut spending or get new job
Granted, it's not always possible for people to just 'get another job', and that isn't really what he means. Improving your lot in life will take time, but it's achievable, particulalry for younger people. We seem to have become a society of employees in stagnation, who think the minimum wage will provide for their needs and if they need more money, they only need to appeal to the Government

The minimum wage is (or was) supposed to be a stepping off point into the world of work. A platform from which to improve yourself. Now it is expected to pay a mortgage and raise a family. Never going to happen

But the expectation that some people may be better off financially if they took their own steps towards improvement, gets the lefty rage venting in a nanosecond
"The super-rich are gifted colossal tax cuts, while the low-paid are threatened with benefit sanctions and told to find better paid work.
The 'super rich' have been given a very small tax cut compared to what they pay overall, and it's more than likely to benefit everone in some small way, in the long run. The 'super rich' are still paying the benefits of the breeding classes and that's not going to stop
"Essential services are losing experienced people at alarming rates. Below-inflation wage rises have fuelled the exodus as staff up sticks for jobs offering more money and a lot less stress.
Oh, so these people are actually doing what the Tory Chairman is suggesting; finding better paid work? 
"If more key workers take the government's advice, there'll soon be no one left to run our hospitals, schools and care homes.
Experienced people are supposed to move up the employment ladder, not just sit there with thier hands out. This will make space for new young workers to get in there. And if those positions can't be filled, that's when wages go up

This is the system working as it should. People on the minimum wage and benefits are supposed to work to improve their position, but all the left can think about, is artificailly increasing wages until we finally crash the economy once and for all


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