And now he regrets it

Typical. Bloody typical
Only yesterday I blogged about jake Berry saying people should cut back on expenses and get better jobs. His words caused a bit of a stink among the Left, as was inevitable

I did point out:
Granted, it's not always possible for people to just 'get another job', and that isn't really what he means. Improving your lot in life will take time, but it's achievable, particulalry for younger people. We seem to have become a society of employees in stagnation, who think the minimum wage will provide for their needs and if they need more money, they only need to appeal to the Government
But now he 'regrets it'
Jake Berry: I regret telling people worried about bills to get better jobs
Why? Are there no polititians left in Parliament who have the courage of their convictions?
Mr Berry said: "I do think my language was a bit clumsy in that regard and I regret it.
"The point I was making ... is that the Government needs to go for growth to ensure that it can grow the economy and Britain can get a pay rise. 
Then the point he was making, was the wrong one. The Government isn't (or shouldn't be) responsible for giving people pay rises
Maybe if he'd said the Government was going to get out of the way of businesses and allow them to grow, that would have helped, but that's not the Government position

I'm fairly convinced his comments were intended to be more in line with my explanation from yesterday, but he couldn't even clarify that. When the Left get into a rage about something, an immediate climbdown and apology seems to be the only response ever offered

What is wrong with saying, 'Look, I fucking meant it. Self improvement is the only real way forward. You can't make all your financial decisions for the future, based on a minimum wage job and hollering at the Government for more'

It's ok to expect people take responsibility. It's largely because we don't that we are in the mess we're in
Angela Rayner, Labour's deputy leader, branded Mr Berry's comments "out of touch" and said the Tory party chairman "thinks people consigned to low pay can simply magically upgrade to a higher wage job".
And that's the problem with the Left in one paragraph. People are not 'consigned to low pay'. People have options. Gaining skills and experience bring people out of low pay. Cutting back on unnecessary expenditure helps low pay go further

As I said yesterday
The minimum wage is (or was) supposed to be a stepping off point into the world of work. A platform from which to improve yourself. Now it is expected to pay a mortgage and raise a family. Never going to happen
Relying on Government is taking away peoples abilities to make rational financial choices and judgements. Angela Rayner wants everyone to stagnate on the minimum wage and rely on the Government to give them more money and free stuff

We need MPs who will stand up to this nonsense and bring some common sense back to the country, not toe the socialist line and then offer simpering apologies whenever their true feelings break the surface


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