We've had a long stream of woke TV casting black actors in the roles of historical people who were actually white. We've also had reboots of past stuff with black actors cast in fictional roles previously played by white actors

This is because we should not 'see colour'. It's fine to have a black Anne Boleyn or James bond, because we're not allowed to notice the colour of the actors skin, just the character and performance

This increases representation of black actors in western TV and cinema

So presumably, it would also be just as acceptable to cast white actors in, say, erm...

...Bollywood? Or other cinematic genres from around the word, that don't have a high proportion of white skinned actors

This classic Hindi romcom meant so much to my generation. It is an insult that Broadway has cast a white lead

Oh dear
Diluting cultural differences is insulting to those of us whose stories are being made palatable and to white audiences who it is assumed can’t see past their own skin colour
If you do it the other way around, you are 'diluting cultural differences'

Of course, that is not something that white people need to worry about...