Anorexia Shaming...

 ...has never been a thing. It's a mental disorder, and people who have it are encouraged loud and often, to get treatment

But never tell a fat person they may be responsible for their own ill health. That just won't do
Obese patients ‘being weight-shamed by doctors and nurses’
Not just fat, obese. Doctors and nurses are the exact people that should be fat shaming the obese. It's actually part of their job
Doctors and nurses often “weight-shame” people who are overweight or obese, leaving them feeling anxious, depressed and wrongly blaming themselves for their condition, research has found.
Wrongly blaming themselves for their condition? It takes time and effort to become obese, it doesn't happen overnight. In most cases, it's the actions of the individual that causes the medical condition known as 'fat', and only the actions of the individual that can cure it

If progress is to be made, some people need to be told by their GP that it's time to take action
Such behaviour, although usually the result of “unconscious weight bias”, leads to people not attending medical appointments, feeling humiliated and being more likely to put on weight.
“Unconscious weight bias”? Doctors and nurses are certainly not uncnsiously biased against fat whaps, they are actually trying to help said fat whaps, by encouraging them to loose weight and imporve their health, just as they would encourage anorexics to eat a few pies
The problem is so widespread around the world that health professionals need to be taught as students that excess weight is almost guaranteed in modern society and not the fault of individuals, so they treat people more sensitively
And there it is. Not the fault of individuals. Whenever a lifestyle aspect is difficult, staying healthy, making money, raising children, learning something new, maintaining a property, etc, etc, the modern solution is to not try, but shift the blame on someone or something else

Blame unconsious bias, blame capitalism, blame men, blame the elderly, blame the government, blame the bankers, blame Canada, blame racism, blame homophobia, blame the far right, blame colonialism, blame sugar, blame television, blame easy credit

Blame Life, blame your job, blame your career, blame your family...

...Who needs logic when you’ve got socialism?
Their analysis found that a number of health professionals “believe their patients are lazy, lack self-control, overindulge, are hostile, dishonest, have poor hygiene and do not follow guidance”, said Kalea, an associate professor in UCL’s division of medicine
But did they research WHY these healthcare professionals think in this way? Could it be experience? Having worked with and tried to help many obese people who are used to being told by the telly and the MSM, that it's not their fault?

I've met countless smelly, hostile, lazy, overindulgent fat whaps with an entitlement chip on their shoulder in my time, and that's just from working in pubs. I've never had to deal with them in a healthcare setting where I'm paid to tell them to loose weight
“Sadly, healthcare, including general practice, is one of the most common settings for weight stigmatisation...
As it should be
and we know this acts as a barrier to the services and treatments that can help people manage weight.
How? Just, how?
The services that help people loose weight are explaining to them how their weight affects their health, telling them what needs to be done and helping them understand the concept of calories in / calories out, but this is the type of thing you are saying GPs cannot say to fat whaps, as it stigmatises them?

What are they supposed to do?
“An example is a GP that will unconsciously show that they do not believe that the patient complies with their eat less/exercise more regime they were asked to follow as they are not losing weight.
I would show it very consiously
“Or [it could be] a dietitian, as specialist in weight management, judging the patient for not being able to follow a very low-calorie diet for a long period of time but not providing other support.
Other support such as what? Pies?
Or a nurse that will be bothered by the patient needing a different set of scales to take down their weight.
If a patient needs to be weighed on a weighbridge, they need help. And that starts with acknowledging you have a problem, not listening to drivel in the Guardian about it not being your fault

But what do they propse as a solution?
The language health professionals use with such patients is vital to building a rapport, getting them to engage in attempts to reduce their weight and avoiding them feeling blamed for it. “Using patient-first language when they refer to someone living with being overweight or obesity is the beginning. It is ‘a patient with obesity’, not ‘an obese patient’. It is ‘someone who is managing their weight’, not ‘struggling with their weight’. It is more than semantics.”
Fat inclusive language. This is why our country is turning into shit
Tam Fry, the chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said weight-shaming by health staff was a “shameful” problem 
The National Obesity Forum has been fat shaming everybody for the past thirty years. Most of this is probably their fault
He backed the researchers’ conclusion that too many health staff give overweight patients the impression that they believe that their excess pounds are the result of a failure of personal responsibility.

“Obesity has never been a ‘personal problem’,” said Fry. “Healthcare professionals need to get wise to the fact that many individuals affected are powerless to overcome the obesogenic environment in which they live, notably the ultra-processed food which slick advertising and relentless encourages them to eat.
We're not talking about two year olds. If an adult eats so much food they become obese, just because of advertising or not being able to moderate the type of food they consume, it most definately is a personal probelm
“They are invariably cash-poor and depend on this cheap but less than healthy food to live – an environment from which they have no escape.”
It has been shown time and time again, not only in my kitchen, that healthy food and meals prepared at home are cheaper than pre-prepared or take away food. The 'unhealthy food is all they can afford' argument, is complete tosh
NHS England has been approached for comment.
I don't often speak on behalf of the NHS, but I hope their comment is, "Don't be fucking stupid!"


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