They're no longer trying to hide it...

...they're openly taking the piss out of us now, with no shame
Electric cars should face ‘tyre tax’, says air quality adviser
Why? Because electric cars pay less in other taxes and the Government is missing the lost revenue?
Particulates generated by tyre wear are more dangerous to public health than diesel exhaust fumes, a Government expert claims
LOL! What blatant bollocks is that?

Fuel tax is not supposed to be a tax that is earmarked for anything in particular, it's supposed to be there to discourage vehicle use. It's like cigarette taxes discouraging smoking. If people move to electric cars and stop paying fuel tax, that is supposed to be job done. If the Government can't get along without these taxes, they're doing something wrong

That's what they can't admit in public, so they need an excuse. We must have reached a collective stupidity of a level so high, the above bollocks about tyre wear is considered a serious reason for more taxes
 A ‘tyre tax’ will need to be imposed on electric cars to combat poor air quality in cities, the Government’s top clear air adviser has claimed.
Particles from tyre wear are more dangerous to public health than diesel exhaust fumes, Professor Alastair Lewis said.
Known as “particulate matter (PM) 2.5”, the amount of air pollution is growing because motorists are driving ever larger vehicles with more substantial tyres.
“[And] larger, heavier vehicles will generate more particles.”
Particles from tyre wear do not enter the atmosphere and seek out the lungs of vulnerable children. They drop straight to the floor and are washed away by the next rainfall
And no tax, whatever the reason, will prevent tyre wear, exhaust emissions or even climate change

You and I, reader, may think this claptrap is beyond parody, but we also know it won't be long before the tread depth tax is brought in and campaigners are demanding funding to come up with ever more fanciful reasons why it needs to be increased

Maybe one day they will propose an emissions tax called the 'Exhausting tax', because that's what this Government is 


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