Abortions for some, little American flags for others!

So the Supreme court in America has done something to do with abortions that apparently says it's not up to them and should be handled by individual states. Or something

Which apparently translates to some kind of Trump inspired, ultra right wing conspiracy to set light to all the women. Or something

And the response is a huge outpouring of idiots proclaiming their own idiocy and ignorance. Or something

A situation best left well alone in my opinion. English aren't very good at interpreting the American judicial system anyway, so there's really no point chirping up about something which really isn't any of our business

Unless you're the NHS:
The Government should offer free abortions to women from the US who are unable to secure them, British doctors have said....
I wonder what British taxpayers have said? You really would have to be a grade A nitwit, to come out with something like that. Also a required qualification for a senior position in the NHS

The full story is behind a paywall, but Worstall has the meat of it:
Proposing the motion, medical student and women’s rights campaigner Marina Politis described the situation in the US as an “emergency”, saying: “Abortion is essential health care… In [some] cases, the US Supreme Court decision is a death sentence. In other, less risky, pregnancies, this decision still removes an essential right of the individual to choose what happens to their own body.”
Idiots gonna id. Of course the ruling is none of any of that and does none of that. The entire paragraph is complete bullshit. Womens rights campaigner though; the dumbest of the dumb

I remember learning in school, about the struggle of women to obtain equality. Those womenfolk always struck be as pretty strong people with pretty cool heads on their shoulders. It's hard to believe, as their present day versions are jibbering cry babies with the socio-economic knowledge of a side salad
She added: “In the context of a hostile environment, we have seen increased migrant charging. We also need to provide safe abortion care to all nationals seeking this in the UK, without subjecting them to overseas patient upfront tariffs – and this must be regardless of borders going far beyond the US.”
I give you Worstall's analysis of the above proposal:
Bugger that
Indeed. It grips my shit when the NHS pays the medical expensis of illegal immigrants who have made it into the country. This cretin wants to extend free healtcare to people who live thousands of miles away, too. 

Maybe we should also pay their air fair?

There are between half and one million abortions in America every year. Sure, bring them all over here. These people have lost the capacity to think things through


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