Threat level, high!

Well we had an interesting day. We set off earlier for a 3km walk to the next village, but half way there the heavens opened and we got soaked.
We nipped into a bar called Stephano's Place, to get a brew and dry off. The girl serving brought us towels and because my t-shirt was so wet, she gave me another one. It's two sizes too small and has the name of the bar on the front and back. I've been mistaken for a local twice, since putting it on
We completed the journey after a while, but got lost in the town. A random taxi driver stopped by touting for business, so we got a lift back
About half an hour ago, we were sat on the balcony eating a takeaway pizza, when both our phones went off with a wierd siren noise. I looked and the screen was flashing "Emergency Alert". After reading it, it turned out to be a weather warning for storms this evening
It frit the shit out of both of us. I thought we were under nuclear attack or something
I've never seen anything like that before and in my opinion, if it's not impending armageddon, it's just not worth it
The adrenaline has calmed down now and were looking forward to the lightshow that is a good Corfu thunderstorm


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