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What the blithering fuck is "Plant Based"?

It's not the virtue signalling from The Oscars that grips my shit. That's only to be expected. It's the use of that term that keeps cropping up everywhere these days - Plant Based

What is a plant? It's a pretty thing you put on the windowsill and water once a week. It's not food

Plant Based is just a trendy new term for vegetarian or vegan, but it's meaningless gibberish, which is unfortunately what the English language is turning into these days

Everyone is using it at the moment, because veganism is being pushed for January. All the retailers are milking it for all it's worth, from plant based fast food burgers, to the 'plant based' range in every supermarket.

These businesses are not trying to save the planet or caring about vegans, they're just making a buck off the backs of a bunch of virtue signalling, middle class twats, who don't have the courage of their convictions unless their trendy vegan diet tastes of cow and pig

A true vegan will have a lentil salad for lunch. A faux vegan will have a 'sausage' roll made from mushroom paste and then go running the The Mirror when the poor minimum wage bugger at Gregg's mistakes it for the real one and they 'take a bite'.

Plant Based? If it doesn't sit on the mantelpiece and flower in Spring, it isn't a plant. If it does, it ain't food

Also Plant Based. Geddit?


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