Stating the Bleeding Obvious!

Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks episode of, "Stating the Bleeding Obvious!", and what an exciting episode we have in store for you today

First up, we have our resident nutritionist, Jo Travers, who you may remember from such Guardian articles as, "Don't Run With Scissors", and "Taking a Shit"
How to chew your food properly
You should chew your food until it is small enough to swallow easily, so your stomach does not have to work too hard. Digestion starts in the mouth*.
Rather than advising an absolute number of times to chew your food, I recommend people put their food or cutlery down between mouthfuls – then, when you have finished chewing and swallowing, pick up your cutlery and take the next mouthful.
I bet you didn't know that! Do you want to know more?

Up next, we have an exciting preview into next weeks show, when our very special guest, the UK Government, will tell us all how much sleep we need to get
The government could give people guidance on how much sleep they need each night, according to reports.

A leaked draft of a public health green paper, due to be published by the health secretary, Matt Hancock, says the government will review the evidence on sleep and health. It suggests the minimum amount will vary depending on how old someone is, and the paper will give advice on “sleep hygiene”, according to the Times, which obtained the document.
Sleep: It's not just for tired people anymore! Do you want to know more?

Coming soon: Breathing - It's healthier if you breathe in, as well as out!

Stay tuned for more patronising bollocks on, "Stating the Bleeding Obvious!"

*Actually, if we want to be truly pedantic, digestion starts in the oven


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