Friday Night Moose Music - Dream on

Happy weekend folks! On the last Moose Music session, I talked about holiday tunes and how they are shite. Well the last two weeks in Corfu did not bring about any new holiday tunes, but they had a real thing for Ed Sheeran over there. Every fifteen minutes in every bloody bar

I can't stand Ed Sheeran. Although he did do quite a good cameo in Game of Thrones

Well here I am, sat on the couch because it's too bloody rainy to sit outside, having a beer and dreaming about being back on the lovely island of Corfu, so tonight's selection of tunes are going to be about dreaming

No particular genre, so there might be something for everyone, or everything for no one

Before I go on I'll make you a quick promise. This post will be the last time I mention being on holiday. Honest

Enjoy the tunes

I should have thought this one through before picking a theme. I could only find seven half decent ones. Any suggestions?

I'll go get another beer while you think


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