They've only gone and done it again

New wiki site to unmask dealings of tobacco industry in Sri Lanka

Remember back in the day when some Tobacco Control idiots spent thousands of pounds of a Wiki that was supposed to 'expose' the tactics of the Tobacco Industry?

At the time they were roundly lampooned in the blogosphere and someone even created a counter Wiki to expose the tactics of the muppets in Tobacco Control

Well we all know Tobacco Control refuse to learn from thier mistakes. Now they've got Wiki fever again, this time in Sri Lanka:

A major new online project, TobaccoUnmasked, designed to reveal the activities and influences of the tobacco industry on public health policy, has been launched in Sri Lanka on the back of the success of TobaccoTactics – an initiative first established by the University's Tobacco Control Research Group.

Two things:
1) "Reveal the activities and influences of the Tobacco Industry". All Tobacco Tactics ever 'revealed', was that the Tobacco Industry are likely to fight legislation that infringes on the rights of smokers and industry and they like to have an opinion when Public Health spout another round of verbal diarrhoea

2) Success of Tobacco Tactics. What a larf! The only success that site had was the creation of Tobacco Contrrol Tactics and the Tobacco Tactics parody account on Twitter, much to the delight of us smokers

Head of the Tobacco Control Research Group, Professor Anna Gilmore explained: "Progress in reducing tobacco use is continuously stymied by the actions of the tobacco industry. Researching and exposing how this industry works is therefore key to enabling progress. We are delighted to have been able to support our Sri Lankan colleagues in setting up their excellent observatory."

Anna Gilmore goes international. The UK Tobacco Control industry must be running out of ideas for the pacification of domestic smokers, so now they're exporting their hideous rhetoric and bile to third world countries. Which is exactly what they are accusing the tobacco companies of doing:

Recent studies, including by the Tobacco Control Research Group at Bath, have highlighted how lower-income countries including in Asia and Africa are increasingly targeted by major tobacco companies and seen as key to future profitability.

As this stuff is sprouting from the UK, do you think us taxpayers are funding it, just like we do with our domestic tax sponging busybodies? I'm not sure if a country like Sri Lanka has the tax funding to cover this particular brand of idiocy. If they do, they're using their productivity for the wrong things.
I'm quite willing to bet though, if Anna Gilmore is over there building the foundations of their Tobacco Control Industry, it's our money she's using to do it.

And it isn't going to stop there. Plans are afoot to create even more Wikis, which they've taken to calling 'Observatories', in other third world and developing countries:

Earlier this year, a network of the world's first tobacco industry observatories was convened at the University with representatives from TobaccoUnmasked in Sri Lanka, as well as international colleagues from Thailand, Brazil, South Africa and Lebanon. The idea of establishing a series of national observatories based on the University of Bath's model came from the FCTC Secretariat in recognition of the importance of such work.

UK Tobacco Control is going global. God help us all...


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