Music from 4AM (Or - all the crimes have been solved)

Cops are more than happy to make idiots of themselves these days. The art of thinking seems to have been weeded out of our nations finest.
Confusion over a band called 4am and the time the group was due to perform on stage, prompted a visit from licensing officers and police to a local pub.
The Feathers in Laleham, Surrey, had advertised live music "from 4am".
Two licensing officers and two police officers visited the pub the day before to stop the performance, before being told it was the name of the band.
That's four coppers (licensing officers are real coppers too) visiting a pub because one of them had misread the sign outside.
The pub's licensee, Kate Dillon, said she was "speechless" after the visit.
She said: "I was angry more than anything on the day. We've never had any need to call the police or had any trouble.
"If one official turns up that's funny enough, but if four people come into the pub like they did, it's absolutely ridiculous.
"When I calmed down a bit I thought it was absolutely hilarious. They made idiots of themselves really."
They sure did. You can take some comfort from all this though. All of the crimes must have been solved.


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