Gritwatch! Campaigning doesn't get any crappier!

The "journalists at the Lancashire Evening Telegraph are BORED!

We want your help to monitor East Lancashire gritting

TODAY the Lancashire Telegraph launches Grit Watch — a campaign urging YOU to tell us if your roads are being gritted properly.
LOL! Some poor sod at the LET has been racking his brains until steam came out, in order to think of a good idea for their next campaign. They like campaigns at the telegraph. They seem to think they should be making the news as well as reporting it.

After previous years of winter chaos the Lancashire Telegraph is aiming to put authorities on the spot, to hold them accountable.
But to do this we need you to be our eyes and ears.
 Trouble is, the daft pillock who came up with this idea has had his arse handed to him in the comments. Looks like some one should be "held accountable" for bad journalism.

snow white, Blackburn says...
10:24am Wed 1 Dec 10
Great campaign LT! But what exactly are you going to do about any roads not gritted. Are you going to grit them yourself? If the weather gets as bad as last year, there won't be any gritting as no point gritting on snow! Glad the local paper is leading the way - not!
The Dude, says...
7:56am Thu 2 Dec 10
GRIT WATCH= Another complainer's charter. Lancashire Telegraph, please, please get back to some more thought provoking intelligent journalism instead of the garbage you have continually spouted over the previous 12 months.
Dai Darwen, Pontcysyllte says...
4:46pm Thu 2 Dec 10 LET get off your fat rumps and do your own investigating.

Grit watch what a pathetic indictment of your paper. Supposed to be a newspaper not trying to stir up the proverbial, probably because your website isn't getting enough hits.
And mine:

BuckoTheMoose, Darwen says...
11:19am Wed 1 Dec 10 Dear LET. I would love to join your crappy campaign but unfortunately I have a life. Maybe you should monitor what people are doing to help themselves this winter.

I commented earlier about the moaners and complainers who pop up at this time of year. Now our local rag is trying to stir them up into a frenzy to get a story.

It doesn't seem to have worked though, considering the derision in the comments, some of which have been deleted.

This is still socialist Britain though. There must be someone who will propose a draconian response to this non problem.

Ah. Here he is:

ghanto, blackburn says...
10:21am Wed 1 Dec 10
it would be better if cameras are installed to track gritting properly
it would cost £200 but would last 5 years and over and it would ease complaints
Ahh. The illusory comfort of cameras on every street corner. And now for gritting! An this muppet seems to think it would only cost two hundred quid. Bellend. Surely he means two hundred million.

The commenters may have had a few scathing words to say but the moaners don't care. They've hit the GritWatch forum with gusto.

Well I suppose it's better that than going up a bell tower with a rifle and a packed lunch.


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