Snow joke is it?

So Britain has once again seen a couple of inches of snow. Everything is grinding to a halt and the terminal complainers are out in force.

What do you think of this oft regurgitated soundbite: "Don't drive unless your journey is necessary".

Who defines necessary? Why are the roads still packed out between 8 and 9 in the morning? Because people are going to work, and for anyone with stuff to pay for, going to work is necessary.
Take the day off? Who's going to pay for it?
Walk? Yeah, walkings fine if you live close to where you work. Otherwise, it's the car. It's not that hard, just take it a bit easier than normal. Put some kit in your boot for if you get stuck.

If you do choose to walk, there's another soundbite for that. "Putting lives at risk". This one comes from the people who are constantly complaining that the council aren't doing enough to grit the roads. When the council do grit the roads, people complain that they're not gritting the pavements

Gritting all roads and pavements would be a mammoth task and hugely expensive to boot. Not doing so is in no way "putting lives at risk". Again, if you go out walking, take a little more care.

It's about time that the public learned that the local councils are not all seeing, all powerful overlords who can control the weather. Snow can be inconvenient at best, dangerous at worst. Get over it, take care and if you really want the pavement cleared outside you house, pop out and do it yourself.

But won't someone think of the elderly? Yes, please do think of the elderly. If there are old people in your family who need assistance, go help them. Same if there are old codgers on your street who don't have family.

What is the old saying? Something like this, "If a Fabian sees a homeless person he asks, "What should the government be doing to help?". If a libertarian sees the same homeless person he asks, "What can I do?".

Be the libertarian. The council cannot magic away the bad weather (They can magic away your cash, just not snow).

But won't someone think of the children? Why? The children are loving it. Schools close at the drop of a few flakes. Let the children out. Let them go play in the snow. Let them build snowmen and have snowball fights. Yeah they might graze a knee or bruise an elbow. So what? They'll heal and they will be better for the experience.

Winter comes around every year. Get used to it. Prepare for it. It can be great fun for all. It certainly doesn't have to be a huge cacophony of screeching from the perpetually "entitled".

Have fun.


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