Let's Fund Our NHS

Because you can never have enough racist Equality and Diversity Coordinators
Trust's plan to boost black, Asian and minority ethnic leaders
Diversity and equality Manager, Nazir Makda, said: "Since 2015 all NHS organisations have been required to demonstrate how they are addressing race equality issues in a range of staffing areas through the Workforce Race Equality Standard.
The Diversity and Equality Manager is an Asian Muslim. How diverse it that? I wouldn't be surprised if he was also a fucking disabled, transgender lesbian. And the Left, Centre and Right of the political spectrum continue to demand we pour ever more money into this bottomless pit of socialistic PC, woke, progressive shite, that continues to deliver health outcomes at the bottom end of the table, with regular monotony

No wonder people are constantly crowdfunding treatment in America and Europe, when the NHS is more concerned about management diversity hires, than providing a service that can deliver to those who need it and are paying a huge chunk of their income to access it

No wonder the NHS is constantly threatening to stop treating smokers and fat people, when the money for treatment is being spent paying the wages of muslims with racism chips on their shoulders, in back offices, rather than effective front line staff

What really surprises me is that the general public still fall for it. They still call it 'Our NHS', they still treat it like the holy grail of healthcare and they still have no problem with their taxes being taken by force to fund this crap, yet when this article appeared in the Telegraph this morning, there was an instant deluge of outrage in the comments, before they were inevitably switched off an hour or so later.
People are clearly sick and tired of all this diversity nonsense, yet when it comes to the NHS, questioning the system is the ultimate heresy; any problems the NHS faces, must be firmly blamed on the evil Tory cuts

This isn't just the odd diversity manager being a bit of a racist dick, it's the entire system. It's what the public sector has become. This is now what our taxes get spent on. This is 'vital frontline services' that Tories are scrapping in favour of tax cuts for fat cats, or so we are told

We don't just need a bit of austerity; borrowing a little less and pretending we're dealing with the debt. We need to slash and burn. The system is fucked and it doesn't need reform, it needs to be replaced
"Recent research has demonstrated that the treatment and experience of Black Minority Ethnic staff (BME) within the NHS is significantly worse, on average, than that of NHS white staff.
I'm sure it did and I'm sure it's all bollocks. If you constantly tell people that they are helpless victims of circumstance in a society that is racist towards them, I'm sure they will respond as though that is true if you give them a quick survey about why they were recently passed over for promotion or never get invited to all the good parties
"The publication of the Snowy White Peaks of the NHS (2014)...
The fucking what!? Oh for fucks sake! Come on really! Who actually gives a tiny rats arse if NHS staff are black, brown, gammon coloured or fucking blue with polka dots, as long as the people treating your illness know what they are doing and don't end up sewing a bed pan into your abdomen
"The publication of the Snowy White Peaks of the NHS (2014) indicated that Black Minority Ethnic staff (BME) staff were absent from leadership or senior positions of many organisations even where the workforce had substantial numbers of Black Minority Ethnic staff (BME) staff and where the organisation provided services to communities with large number of Black Minority Ethnic (BME) patients.
Did you spot that? 24% of that small paragraph was repetitions of the phrase, "Black Minority Ethnic staff (BME)"

"Work will be needed to recognise the barriers around the three staff survey WRES indicators, as this is an area identified for the trust for further improvement," Mr Makda added
Total bollocks. They all need to go. Every single person on the public payroll with Equality or Diversity in their job title, needs to be sacked immediately. Maybe then we can discuss the 'evil Tory cuts'

If I ever need major surgery on the NHS, I'll probably be terrified if it turns out to be a Black Minority Ethnic (BME) doctor doing the job. How on Earth do I know if he's a competent surgeon or a diversity hire who doesn't know which way up to hold the scalpel?

Is it racist to demand a white surgeon? Someone who has made it through the ranks in spite of all the PC crap, not because of it?



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