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Well the story made the local paper

Figures show litter wardens ARE targeting smokers - claim

THE overwhelming majority of fines handed out for littering in Blackburn and Darwen have been for dropping cigarette ends, it has been revealed.
More than 4,000 people have been given fines for dropping cigarettes in the borough in seven months since a crackdown on litter was announced.
The article was quite well written, too. The reporter managed to get across the point  I was making; not whining that it's all so unfair on smokers who drop their fag ends, but complaining that the enforcers are simply out for easy money and little else

However, Cllr Jim Smith, the borough’s environmental boss, hit back at the claims.
He said: “The vast majority of people agree with what is going on with the fines. They don’t want to see rubbish on their streets.
“Cigarette dropping is still littering and patrols are still going around our streets looking for any littering."
Councillor Smith chose to ignore my email on the subject, so now I'm going to send him another one in response to the above comments. A look under the line on the article suggests that 'the vast majority of people' do not agree with what is going on

I was quite surprised by the comments actually. 37 so far, which is good going and a lot are very supportive of my position

A lot of the people who comment in the Telegraph are often of the opinion that if you don't break the law, you won't get punished, without ever questioning if the law itself is right, so the response has been quite a positive one in my opinion

Pen Seive in the comments on my original post, suggested more people should start sending their own FOIs on this subject and he is right. He is on with his own at the moment

If Kingdom are employed in your area, please do visit and fire off your own request. I bet the results are pretty much the same as the ones I got, just like they were here

And if you could share your results, that would be just great. Maybe we can make a difference


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