Saturday Wibble - Coca Cola Truck

Went to see the Coca Cola Truck in Manchester today, for no other reason than to stick it to the puritans who want it banned.
Mrs Bucko is working nights this weekend, but got out of bed early this afternoon to come with me. She's not interested in sticking it to anyone, she's just a big kid at heart

We took a wrong turn on the motorway; the same wrong turn we take every time we head for Manchester and end up going towards Warrington, until we turn round and come back again. You'd think we'd learn by now, but no, apparently

It got worse though. After seeing the truck, we got lost in the Trafford Centre. My god that place is big. We went to the wrong car park first and then just wandered aimlessly for about half an hour before we managed to find the right exit

It was a good day for a laugh. Didn't get a free coke though, the queue was far too long and I had to get Mrs Bucko back home to get ready for work

I also expected to see a few obesity or tooth decay protesters that I could have a little chat to, but there were none. Either the prodnoses don't like prodding nose if it's not on Twitter, or the people up north are a little more free spirited than that. I like to think it's a bit of both

Enjoy your evening


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