Friday Tunes - Trumped Up!

All aboard the Trump Train!

I've been laughing my arse off this week, since Trump went on Twitter and did what Trump does - caused OUTRAGE among the Liberal Left

I can't believe how spineless our MPs actually are. The useless May is in the middle of negotiations to get us out of the EU and is going to need friends in the wider world when that happens. What does she do? Gets involved in a spat with the American President over who he re-tweeted and why. I wish she would just grow a set

Our MPs have been in Parliament scrambling over each other to be the most offended and outraged. It's sickening.

Not one of them mentioned the fact that we do actually have an Islamic terrorist problem that needs to be dealt with, they were much more interested in calling The Donald a racist because he refuses to toe the 'Islamaphobia' line and has the balls to speak the truth about a problem everyone knows exists but those in Government refuse to acknowledge

For Americans, it must be an interesting time to be alive. I for one am quite ashamed of our shower of shit this week

Oh well, enough of that, it's Friday night. As we seem to be surrounded by idiots this week, here's some songs about stupidity