Vile little man

I can't stand Richard Murphy. The man makes my skin crawl. I despise him and everything he stands for

There are moments when I do wonder about those with whom I share the more proximate parts of our planet. The Times Red Box has reported this morning that:
According to a new YouGov poll for The Times, the proportion of people who think that Theresa May makes the best prime minister has gone up since last month.

Maybe there are reasons why someone, somewhere can think Theresa May is doing well. I am quite sure she does not share that opinion. But for 34% of the country to think that suggests a staggering collective inability to appraise reality. Or massive ignorance. And I am not being rude: I am expressing concern and I am suggesting there are questions to ask.

He really is an arrogant shit. When people disagree with his point of view, all it can be is a staggering collective inability to appraise reality. He provides ample examples of this arrogant self-assuredness every day. The man really is delusional

Questions like, who informs this opinion?

And how can it be so wrong?

And how can it be corrected?

Democracy requires an informed electorate. It’s not clear we have one and that is worrying.

Democracy requires an informed electorate. No it does not. Democracy requires the option to form your own opinion and make your own choice without interference. Granted, people who are free to make their own choices, sometimes make the wrong choice, but the freedom to do so is the pillar of democracy

The electorate can make up their own minds from the information that is available to them. They can get out there and do their homework or they can believe everything the Daily mail tells them; it's up to them. There's no rule in democracy that say the electorate need to be 'informed' and even if there was, who decides if this is the case?

Does Richard Murphy get to be the one who informs us all about the choice we are to make? Do he get to invalidate choices if he thinks they are not informed ones?

Mike M says:
November 10 2017 at 11:48 am
May is doing terribly, but surely any assessment of whether something is being done well or not is influenced by how highly you regard the alternative(s)?

Richard Murphy says:
November 10 2017 at 12:57 pm
The alternatives are at present within her own party, so Corbyn has no part in this

Next question?

I'm sure he would like to dismiss those parts of the electorate he thinks are 'mis-informed', just like he dismisses anyone else with an opinion that does not match his own

What a twat


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