Alan Duncan (Never heard of him until now) thinks the vote to leave the EU was simply a tantrum

Discussing the Brexit referendum, he said: “The manner in which the campaign was fought stirred up a lot of sentiment amongst people that are not habitual voters, particularly on the issue of immigration. You could feel in the last 10 days of the campaign, traditional blue-collar urban Labour opinion going viral for leave. They were stirred up by an image of immigration which made them angry and throw a bit of a tantrum. That was part of the chemistry that explains the result.”

Funny that. The only tantrums I've seen have been coming from the remainers. Constantly. From Gina Miller to the anti-Brexit rally that my boss went to in Manchester at the weekend. Remainers are kicking up a continual fuss about childrens futures being stolen and are publicly wishing older people would just die off, yet it us who had the tantrum

What a bunch of cry babies, Alan Duncan, whoever he is, being this weeks biggest one

Duncan said he believed there should have been a turnout threshold or super-majority required for the referendum, as during the UK devolution referendums conducted in 1979.

Did he say that before the vote? Did he f%£@!

It was quite clear how the vote was to work. In or out. First past the post. If anyone had a problem with that, it should have been raised before the vote took place

Of course the remain side believed the vote was going to be 52% remain and 48% leave, when in actual fact, it turned out the opposite. If they had insisted on a threshold or super majority, nobody would have won the vote, leaving us firmly in Europe.

Now the losers think the game was unfair because they didn't rig it in the right way?

Kiss my pro-Brexit arse


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