Saturday Wibble

What a crappy day. It's done nowt but rain. I was hoping to do some work on the car today, but didn't get the chance because of the crappy bloody British summer

One of the big issues with the Brexit debate was immigration. I am hoping to leave England for a hotter place when I retire. What I can't understand is why so many people want to come here. It's crappy.

The weather is shite, all year round. The taxes are high. The nannies are rampant, The chart music is bloody rubbish. There are no good bookshops. The kids are disrespectful. Need I go on?

Why on earth do we have an issue with immigration? The last person to leave England should have turned the lights out years ago. Maybe it's something to do with the welfare system. I believe that's quite generous

It can't just be that though. At our works, we have a whole bunch of polish people in Production, along with a Greek and  Frenchman in IT and a Lithuanian in Client Services

What is the attraction? Maybe it's just a grass is greener thing? I suppose looking in on England from the outside, it's probably a really great country. Maybe you have to be born and raised here to see the negatives. Or maybe it's just me. Maybe you have to be a Libertarian for this country to get on your nerves

Most British people probably do think this is a great country. But then again, most British people actually quite like being told what to do by the Government.

You only have to read the comments under stories in British newspapers. Most people want new bans and new restrictions, all the live long day. Most people would be happy for example, for drivers who use mobile phones to be banned from driving for life and serve ten years in prison, even if they caused no harm to anyone. Some people I know, who I consider to be quite intelligent, would be happy with things like that

I suppose that as a Libertarian, I can see an alternative lifestyle where people aren't controlled by everyone else's whims. More importantly, I'm happy with that and I'm happy for other people to get on with their lives, even if I don't approve of their choices, just as long as they leave me alone

The trouble is, when I retire and move to my greener grass, I won't be getting away from any of this. There isn't a nice little island for Libertarians to retire to, I'll just be moving to another country that's pretty much the same, just with a lot more sunshine. Hopefully that will be enough

But for now, I'm going to open a beer. Have a good night


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