To the sheep

I am a Libertarian
I have a blog that discusses libertarian issues and rubishes the viewpoint of lefties and scroungers
I read and comment on other blogs that also discuss Libertarian and freedom issues
I fight the taxman, I annoy the council tax collectors and I ridicule jobsworths
I object to the NHS and would opt out if I could
I object to laws that punish people who have done no harm
I have no problem with the rich, in fact I look to them for inspiration
I ignore all laws apart from my own; do no harm
I smoke and I stand for the rights of smokers
I own guns and believe in the right to armed self defence
I drink alcohol and eat meat
I drive cars with big engines
I believe in property rights
I grow my own food and I keep an emergency stash of cans and medical supplies
I believe you should be allowed to keep what you earn
I don't pay a TV license
I believe in small Government and the rights of the individual

If you met me you would never know.

I drink in the same bars as you
I join in your conversations about the X Factor and Eastenders
I nod along when you complain about the cuts and moan that something should be done
My garden has flowers in it and I keep cats
I work with you and I eat in the same restaurants as you and your children and I dress like you.
I am just like you, I blend in so well, you don't even notice me.

I don't try to wake you up because I know you don't want to be woken
I don't try to change your point of view, I know your core beliefs cannot be changed
I know your beliefs are simply taken off the shelf and are not thought through, and therefore not subject to change by rational discussion
I know you want to live in your comfortable world where you believe you have safety and security supplied by the government.
I don't try to tell you that it is an illusion because you don't want to hear it

You have no claim to my money as you don't know how much I have
You have no mortgage on my life's efforts because I appear to be exactly the same as you
You cannot control be through guilt, duty, honour or patriotism
You cannot report me to the police for thought crimes because you believe I think the same as you
You cannot drag me down to your level because you believe I am already there, and you are happy about that
I interact with you on a daily basis but you do not notice me because I appear no different to all the people who cross your path each week

I live, while you exist
I'm happy when you refuse to be
I leave others alone to live their way, while you demand they live your way
I do what I want, when I want to. You cannot control me in any way

To the sheep, I am the sheep.