Friday Night Moose Music - Nashville Tennessee

I've not told you about Nashville yet, have I? I don't know why. I've told every bugger else until they were sick of hearing about it

We went in September last year and we went for the country music. Man it was good
Every bar and restaurant had a singer or band, even the local McDonalds. They were all good too

Here's a few tunes I remember from the trip

This one has become my favourite country tune. We heard it in a bar that was directly opposite from out motel room, called Scoreboard

Over the road there was a restaurant called John As where I tried a catfish
After the first bite I thought it was the most disgusting fish I've ever tried. Then I realised I was eating the cornbread the fish was sat on
Catfish is really nice, cornbread tastes like carpet

There were two young girls singing in this place and they did a good cover of this one

Over the road from the Motel was the Music City Bar and Grill
That place was run by a hairy biker type and he looked after us. We were quite an attraction in that bar because they had a pool table and Mrs Bucko is really good at pool.

They had a wide variety of bands and singers in that bar and we spent a lot of time there

Lastly, one from when we ventured into the heart of Nashville on a Friday night and visited Honky Tonk Row. I've never seen anything so busy in my life

Good times!


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