Friday Tunes - Off on holiday

A quick selection of tunes for you tonight. As you read this, I'm sat on a plane going to Corfu, probably terrified. I don't like flying, but needs must

Blogging might be light(er) for the next couple of weeks while I'm sunning myself and eating like a pig

As I'm going away, I thought about making tonights theme a holiday one, but then I thought better of it. You don't half hear some cheesy shite abroad and my reader probably wouldn't appreciate that crap

Instead I'll give you a short preview of what I might be listening to while I'm on a sunbed.

We'll start with a little Brucey bonus

And a couple of Bob Segers

He doesn't look much like a Rock N Roll dude in that picture

I first heard this next one on the TV series, Fringe. If you've not watched it, don't hang around here, go do it, now

Another Bob

I almost went with 'Addicted to Love', but Shania Twain ruined that one for me

That's enough of that

Last one for tonight and I'll see y'all again in a couple of weeks


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