Stat cows

I did a Friday night Moose music post way back when, that featured a certain music video with a certain scantily clad female. You know the video where she is in the swimming pool and her bikini covers nowt?

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I have not mentioned the name of this pop song for reasons I will explain. When I did the original post It started to rack up a huge amount of page views.

I did a follow up post, marvelling at the number of page hits it had received. I also named this post after the girl in the video and that followed suite by becoming a huge stat cow.

That second post went on to become my highest clicked on post of all time, although I'm betting it is also the least read, having disappointed many a person who arrived at my blog via Google and didn't find what they expected.

I would like to think a few stayed around and became regular readers, but I doubt it. If you're looking for a good old perv of a large chested popstress, you're not likely to stop what you're doing and listen to the ramblings of someone moaning about the government.

The blog isn't really big enough for me to pay serious attention to stats, although I do like it when recent posts get good hits. I prefer comments. It makes me feel I've written something worthwhile when others take the time to add to it.

No, most of my highest rated posts are stat cows like the ones above; posts that have racked up the hits through Google searches on picking up the title rather than from people coming to the post to read it.

What got me thinking about stat cows was Dioclese. Whenever I read his blog there is usually a 'You may also like..' link to a picture of a woman with huge tits.

I've been meaning to click on those tits for months, but for some reason, whenever I am reading Dioclese I am also at work. Even in your lunch hour, looking at tits is frowned upon.

Today however, I am not at work, I'm sunning myself in Suffolk, so I took the opportunity to click the tits.

It's a post about those faulty breast implants that were all over the news a while ago. It's a good post too, however now I know why it's always linked too as a popular post. It's a stat cow, Isn't it Dioclese?

'Show is your tits' is a post title crying out to be hit on by Google, multiple times :-)

You may want to go ahead and click the tits yourself, although I must say, I do prefer the lassy above.

She may have provided me with my two most hit on posts of all time, but as far as search terms go, this one is by far my favourite,

Click to biggen

And before I forget, thanks to Microdave for the nipple pics above :-) Some bloggers will always go the extra mile for the cause.


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