Friday night Moose music - Cheesy bake without the bake

I fancy another selection of cheesy pap tonight. It's been a bad day.
I'll start you off with what is possibly the worst video ever

If we're going for cheese, The Hoff needs a spot. Mrs Bucko put me onto this one as she's watching Knight Rider at the moment

It's actually not bad that one. Does that make me sad?

I doubt Midge Ure reads this blog but if he does he won't any more. This track kept Vienna off the top spot. It would have been the first number one for Ultravox. Hi Midge

This particular cheese is popular in all the young pubs again. I thought of picking "Let's Get Married", but I just couldn't do it

This one is just pants. Nuff said, may as well skip it before they huff and puff and blow you away.

I can't count the number of times I've done this dance in public. I guess that makes me sad too.

Quite clever this one. I don't think there are any instruments in it at all.

With all that going on I don't think I'd be happy. Livid would be more like it. Ah well, there's always David Bowie and Mick Jagger acting gay

And last up, a sweaty Olivia Neutron Bomb

As always, why not follow up your music with a bit of Divine comedy from Microdave? It's ladies night over there.


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