NZ Tobacco Control goes to loony loopy land

Smoking increases pollution - study

Oh, dear reader, are you about to have a right good laugh!
Smoking in public places increases the amount of dangerous fine particles in the air, new research shows.
Yes I know, I know, we are all used to tobacco smoke being referred to as 'dangerous particles' or even 'toxic'. We all know that smoking in enclosed public places is supposed to kill non smokers and children in seconds, but don't be blinded by old rhetoric.

We are not talking about enclosed public places.
Smoking significantly raises the level of dangerous air pollution in city streets, according to new research that has reignited the debate about banning cigarettes in public places.
Please take a moment to read that statement again
Smoking significantly raises the level of dangerous air pollution in city streets,
Smoking in the open air now causes dangerous pollution according to these people, who have gone so far beyond loony they are off on their own little planet of loony they can call their own.

Not only do they believe the smoke from a bit of burning leaf is on a parr with vehicle and factory stack emissions, they believe it is so powerful it can be measured against the backdrop of such things in a city street.

Not only do they believe it possible, they actually commissioned a study into it.
A five-week study by Otago University researchers in Wellington found cigarettes cause big increases in the number of dangerous fine particulates - airborne particles linked to heart disease, altered lung function and lung cancer.
After testing the air quality around 284 smokers at the Lower Hutt shopping centre from an average distance of 2.6 metres they recorded a 70 per cent increase in particulates when smokers were around.
Just when you think you've heard it all....

I wonder what those smokers thought about having someone hovering round them with a pollution machine. I also wonder why none of the researchers got punched. These people deserve to be thrown straight out of the university with a great big FAIL!
Readings peaked at 26 times the normal level at a bus stop under an overhanging roof.
It doesn't say how many people were smoking in the bus stop but apparently it was enough to increase the ambient levels of atmospheric pollution by a whopping 26 times.

I would be surprised if even the anti-tobacco brainwashed sheep would believe such a tall tale.
Co-author Associate Professor Nick Wilson said the study was the first to examine smoking's contribution to air pollution on city streets.
This man is a professor?? Where did he get his qualifications from? Ahhh...

''(Smoking is) adding to air pollution. People are being exposed to this all the time, as well as industry pollution and home fires. If we had smokefree streets that would be reducing this hazard.''
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha *gulp* ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

'scuse me
He urged councils to protect pedestrian health by implementing smokefree policies in shopping areas.
Benefits would include decreased cleaning costs, better public image, the reduction of second hand smoke drifting into shops and offices and reduced nuisance impact for other pedestrians.
Because second hand smoke drifting into shops has always been a problem, particularly when it has no intention of buying owt
"They should be particularly concerned about protecting bar and restaurant workers who frequently have to breathe in second hand smoke when servicing outdoor tables with smokers,'' said Mr Wilson.
Didn't we ban smoking inside pubs to protect bar workers? Maybe it's time for these bar workers to protect themselves and get jobs inside hermetically sealed buildings if they are so terrified of ciggy smoke. I doubt it's the bar workers calling for a smoking ban in the open air though, just like the kiddies, protecting bar workers is just a convenient excuse.
Councillor George Wood said "innocent passersby'' were constantly affected by smokers polluting the air and he wanted the habit banned in public.
Innocent? Does that make smokers guilty. I've heard some loony rubbish but I'm having a hard time believing this isn't just a pisspoor attempt at satire.

It's good for a laugh though. I laughed my smokers lungs hoarse when I read the article. The trouble is though, it's not actually funny is it? This is deadly serious because this is the future of our society - tolerance out of the window, any old laughably stupid studies to achieve it.
Action on Smoking and Health and the Auckland Regional Public Health Service both support the ban.
Well of course they do. I expected nothing less.

I need a lie down...


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