A man and his wife arrive at the airport...

... The man says to his wife,

"Did you bring the piano dear?"

She says,

"Of course not, why?"

He says,

"Because the passports are on top of it."

It's an old joke and you've all heard it, but I almost just lived it. We're off to Normandy tomorrow and we've been frantically packing this evening (Me some jeans and a couple of tee shirts, Mrs Bucko 2 pairs of shoes for every day).
I decided to get the passports together. I keep important documents like that locked in the shotgun cabinet. Mrs Bucko dumps hers wherever she feels like. I asked her where her passport was and she said it was on the bookshelf in the back room. I opened the gun cabinet to get mine and it wasn't there.

I spent about half an hour trying to figure out why it wasn't in it's home and looking in likely places for it. After I had no luck we both started turning the house upside down.

45 minutes later, just before I started bawling my eyes out, Mrs B gave a shout of triumph. She found it!

You know where? Under the piano! I'm so careful with stuff like that and she doesn't give a tiny rats arse. Where's the justice in that? I have no idea on this green earth how it ended up under the piano but I suspect one of the cats might have had a hand in it.

Mrs B is putting the story on Farcebook as we speak but she is having trouble typing for giggling.

That woman is going to be insufferably pleased with herself for at least a week.


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